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The loyalty of the clientele is a form of client relation which demonstrates the voluntary engagement of a client to commit to a product or a business. The key to this engagement according to Créacor? Peerless service and a reliable solution, of an incomparable quality, but most of all efficient!

Indeed, if multiple strategies can be put in place to retain a client, the simplest and most direct remains to favor their continued satisfaction. The clients’ loyalty rate can be measured by the number of clients who remain committed by the end of a period divided by the total number of clients. A simple calculation that any entrepreneur would know, but remains essential nonetheless. We can only rely on a few positive comments, we must ensure the adequacy between the needs of the client and our ability to respond to them, or even to exceed their expectations!

At Créacor, just like any other business, this is an indicator that we follow on a yearly basis and with sustained interest. If we always renew our engagement toward our clients’ satisfaction and offer programs of continuous training while remaining attentive to any change in our clients’ needs, it’s most importantly thanks to the quality of our offer and of our solutions that we know can convince and retain.

I am the best example of this. I discovered psychometry during training with Gilles R. Gagnon, founder and back then president of Créacor. Following this discovery, I integrated psychometry, firstly ADO then the MPO solution, to my management practices. This solution quickly became essential to my management of human resources and the retainment of my employees. Concerning client loyalty, in my case it’s a retention rate of 100%, since I’ve been integrating Créacor products to my practice for 28 years now… to later become co-owner of the Créacor Group in 2021 with my life partner Daniel Huot. This can tell you how strong client loyalty can be…!

But jokes aside, we are proud to report that our retention remains, year after year since Créacor’s creation in 1988, around 95%, a very high rate. Without this maintained and renewed satisfaction, the sustainability of this business would be impossible. Even today, for everyone at Créacor, what speaks to us is to see our clients and consultants renew their agreements with us, year after year. What better way of seeing the satisfaction toward our solutions and our service and support to the clientele could there be? No need to tell you that we are extremely proud of this!

Author: Nicole Paré, vice-president of the Créacor Group