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Our editor Ngenio has developed a new psychometric application this year. We are talking about the IWW, the Indicator of Wellbeing in the Workplace.

This unique application will help guide the managers to scan the level of motivation of their employees.

The motivation of people at work, managerial staff, professionals and workers is the keystone of organizational profitability.

Its absence, its ignorance or the incapacity to grasp it from a lack of concrete tools, is the very basis of dysfunctions at work.

Unusual departures, absenteeism, presenteeism, burn out are but the principal manifestations of the lack of motivation in the workplace.

All these mental changes are of a counterproductive nature and put at risk the achievement of the business’s objectives.

Starting from this fall, we will have the privilege, with the help of graphic tracking (like in the case of finances) to watch over the level of wellbeing in the workplace.

This comprehension is, to managers, often perceived in an empirical way, it’s observed in a random and very subjective fashion.

The IWW function will boost the artisanal nature of these observations into truly objective and factual data, pretty revolutionary when it comes to added value, no?

Our current clients will see the integration in their MPO console of these added values and future clients will be able to benefit from this other improvement in order to better the level of implication of their employees.

Do I need to precise that the leverage on productivity and enthusiasm when it comes to the work of the organization’s contributors will increase tenfold?

At CRÉACOR we are very excited to support our clients with this other chapter offered by Ngenio!

Daniel Huot