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Interactive Dynamics at Work

Knowing yourself better, gaining a heightened understanding of your colleagues and improving your communication to form high-performance work teams are all notions that our team offers you through the Interactive Dynamics at Work program!

We all know that a successful team is made up of different people who complement each other and work together towards the same goal. However, different people in the same group do not all communicate in the same way and do not all have the same needs. How can you really be successful in a team without getting to know each other and recognizing each other better?

With this in mind, we offer you a private one-day workshop with all the members of your team, so that you can learn to better collaborate and optimize your performance.

Duration of the training

A half or full day according to your needs

Target clients

  • Small to large companies.
  • Companies that care about the proper management of their human capital.
  • Managers and Human Resources Specialists.
  • First level, middle, and senior management.

The Interactive Dynamics at Work workshop includes…

The MPO Communication report for a better understanding of yourself.

  • Each participant receives a written, personalized Interactive Dynamics at Work report.
  • Learn about your motivational needs and their impact.
  • Discover your natural communication style.
  • Become aware of your leadership style.
  • Learn to recognize your strengths and weaknesses.

Better know others to improve communication.

  • Learn the traits of others.
  • Discover your colleagues’ dynamics.
  • Become aware of your colleagues’ perception of your own dynamics.
  • Assess the impact of your behaviour on the behaviour of others.
  • Learn how to quickly recognize the dynamics of the people around you.

Interactive activities to improve teamwork.

  • Your team members will be put into groups by color code.
  • Teamwork exercises will lead to awareness-raising moments.
  • Dynamic exchanges will take place to align the team.