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Our training

Online or in-person

The recent pandemic led us to review our traditional training and we have risen to the challenge of offering our certifications in virtual sessions.
Whether you choose virtual or in-person method, clients are empowered and able to leverage their new knowledge to use MPO following our training sessions.

The result: particularly effective hiring, even more meaningful job profiles, and incredible coaching and monitoring expertise, not to mention strengthening employees’ sense of belonging and supporting long-term staff loyalty.


  • Understand the sources of human behaviour at work.
  • Make the connection between work behaviours and performance.
  • Understand the origins and basic concepts of psychometrics.
  • Master the different functions and characteristics of the MPO instrument.
  • Interpret and use the graphical and textual reports of MPO.
  • Administer the MPO program.
  • Learn how to use MPO in managing and building high-performance teams.

Specialized training
Managing Performance in Organizations

More than ever, the human component is becoming the essential key to improving productivity and performance. The MPO program allows you to quickly understand personalities in order to maximize the performance of your teams and your organization.

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Interactive Dynamics at Work

Knowing yourself better, gaining a heightened understanding of your colleagues and improving your communication to form high-performance work teams are all notions that our team offers you through the Interactive Dynamics at Work program!

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