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Creativity in organizational communication, this is the thought that inspired the name of CRÉACOR in 1988. This appellation is the conceptual fruit of Gilles R. Gagnon, a man who has always had a passion for humans and their creative expansion in organizations.

With a thirst for knowledge from broad horizons, from literature to quantum mathematics, Gilles R. Gagnon will have been one of the precursors for a vision that is new and globalized, but also personalized and human, of the employee management in Quebec. Expertise when it came to psychometry was once the prerogative of executives of large corporations, since this investment was substantial (sometimes over $3000) and difficult to achieve for the entirety of a business’s workers.

The challenge of our founder was thus to offer at a large scale access to personal and professional revelations which are solid and credible to help employees in better knowing themselves and exploit their potential as contributors. It’s thanks to ADO profiles (and later MPO) that since 30 years, Gilles R. Gagnon has thus democratized for thousands of workers the access to a better knowledge of the professional self to improve their wellbeing at work and allowed hundreds of managers and human resources specialists to raise their management performance thanks to an accessible, scientific and rigorous solution.

Fun fact, before becoming a partner, then president of the Créacor Group, I myself tasted the medicine of our founder’s sagacious spirit. It’s indeed thanks to him that I realized how and why I was so unhappy at my job in 1995. Though I didn’t need Gilles to realize my unhappiness, I needed him to better grasp the nature of my creative needs and to see that my talents were then not adequately exploited.

I therefore want to thank, just like hundreds of other people, this great creator and builder who will have left an indelible trace in the managerial culture first in Quebec, then worldwide.

Thank you ever so much Gilles for this precious contribution!

Daniel Huot, president of the Créacor Group

Gilles R. Gagnon sold his company in 2021 to Daniel Huot and Nicole Paré to entirely dedicate himself to the development of products at Ngenio, editor of the MPO product.