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About CRÉACOR Group

Founded in 1987 by Gilles R. Gagnon, CRÉACOR Group has developed the necessary expertise to help organizations improve their performance by focusing on human productivity.  Our approach is based on knowledge transfer thereby allowing our clients to reach full autonomy to meet their business objectives.

Daniel Huot and Nicole Paré became the new owners of this consulting firm in January 2021. Both have many years of experience in using the MPO management programs distributed by the CRÉACOR Group.

We are proud to take the lead from Gilles Gagnon. We will put all our talents and passion into maintaining the quality of the service and the evolution of the business offering in collaboration with our partner Ngenio.

Daniel Huot, President and Nicole Paré, Executive Vice President

What are the purposes of our services?

  • To implement great action plans!
  • To build winning teams!
  • To hire the best!
  • To develop top leaders!
  • To elevate the understanding of human needs!
Our services

Our Purpose

CRÉACOR Group is an expert management consulting firm composed of business partners whose purpose is to enable managers and decision-makers within Quebec organizations to refine their managerial skills in the people management of their organization.

Optimize operational and human performance by imparting knowledge and developing skills in understanding human behaviour through the deployment of the MPO management program in all areas of the organization.

Our Values

CRÉACOR Group | Our Values | Commitment


We are committed to ensuring that employees and partners are proud to be part of an organization driven by management practices based on fairness and transparency for the engagement of all.

CRÉACOR Group | Our Values | Ethics


Formal compliance to ethical business practices will guide each of us both internally and with our clients.

CRÉACOR Group | Our Values | Engagement


The Partners as well as the employees will have to keep the purpose of CRÉACOR Group alive and well through the ambition and efforts to implement the MPO program in a great number of companies.

CRÉACOR Group | Our Values | Integrity


We do as we say, in complete alignment with our formal commitments.

Our Story