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The MPO management program with its different components!

CRÉACOR Group | Our products | MPO, an NGENIO product

To begin, let’s remember what the three letters MPO stand for: Managing Performance in Organizations.

It is with great pride that we present the MPO Products that offer a wide range of tools and guidance. One single questionnaire… 4 MPO results!

In addition, it takes only 15 minutes to identify a person’s Cognitive Aptitude level with MPO Cognitive Aptitude Indicator.

CRÉACOR Group | Our products | MPO Personality, an NGENIO product

MPO Personality

For traditional hiring situations at all levels.

The MPO Personality, along with the target and customized profiles, is an application that is highly valued by our clients. We call it the “personality inventory” and, like an organizational inventory, it is very precise without judging the people who offer their services, either externally or internally.

The MPO personality is based on the Big Five and offers two additional factors concerning the assessment of people (their pace at work), as well as their level of adaptability, since some positions require a high degree of consistency, while others require great versatility.

Therefore, it is by analyzing the match between the motivational profile of the candidate and the behavioural needs related to the position that we can predict with great accuracy the potential success, or lack thereof, of our hiring.

Learn more – Go to the MPO Solutions website
CRÉACOR Group | Our products | MPO Talent, an NGENIO product

MPO Talent

This profile which, as its name indicates, measures hidden potential.

As previously mentioned, with a single click, the results of the Personality MPO can immediately be used to generate the Talent MPO results.

In all, 46 talents are carefully identified.

For each individual, these talents fall under 6 specific spheres. They are:

  • Social Aptitudes
  • Customer Service Aptitudes
  • Management Aptitudes
  • Process Management Aptitudes
  • Task-Execution Aptitudes
  • Sales Aptitudes

In accordance with our mission of coaching, we encourage our clients to develop a competency profile at the same time, which also offers 46 competencies in functional or mastery mode.

The user can then use a comparative table between the talents of the person and the ambitions of the sought-after competencies to better guide the analysis of candidacies and profiles.

It is from this comparative table that we can support you in your development plans, particularly for career management.

Learn more – Go to the MPO Solutions website
CRÉACOR Group | Our products | MPO Communication, an NGENIO product

MPO Communication

This information is also at your fingertips, as the results of this MPO can be generated with a second click.

As the name implies, the results of this tool are used to pinpoint the traits of employees with respect to their communication profile, which will allow you to better understand the dynamics of your team.

How will a person with a Cooperative style need to adjust if working with someone with an Authoritative profile? Also, how will an individual with an Analytical profile be able to deal more interestingly and productively when working with someone with an Expressive style?

In short, this is all about avoiding putting fuel to the fire when it comes to work relationships. These can be powerful and incredibly complex. We should all aim to make these work interactions work seamlessly like a finely oiled machine.

This report offers practical tips for employees to learn how to adapt their style to that of their colleagues.

The objective: to reduce irritants and mutual rejection, to improve the productivity level of employees and to maintain a healthy and engaging work climate.

Learn more – Go to the MPO Solutions website
CRÉACOR Group | Our products | MPO Cognitive Aptitude, an NGENIO product

MPO Cognitive Aptitude Indicator

For this application, yes, it’s a test! It is a cognitive test that indicates the level of information absorption according to the complexity of the task.

But, once again, it is important to stay the course in terms of suitability, which makes it essential to analyze the level of complexity of the position in question.

Learn more – Go to the MPO Solutions website
CRÉACOR Group | Our products | MPO Satellite, an NGENIO product

MPO Satellite

Same principle as the domino game, there is no new questionnaire to complete.  This application is intended for people who are applying on front-line positions (retail sales, production).

Here again, as with the Right Match, we will get a reading on the match between what motivates the applicant and the environment offered by the job.