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The MPO Program

CRÉACOR Group | Our products | MPO Program, an NGENIO product

What is the evidence that the MPO solution is based on science? What is its reliability?

The designer of the Ngenio MPO solution has formed a technical manual precising the process of making the tool as well as the respect of the development norms of the APA, the APC and the BPS. The bases of the development of MPO products rest upon the foundation of research carried out and theories relating to, among other things, the “Big Five”, as well as relying on over 20 years of applications and investigations in business. The technical manual is made available to all our clients and consultants during their training.

Why are the MPO certifications more expensive than the other psychometric tests?

Unlike other psychometric evaluations (psychometric tests), the content of the results is comprehensive, reliable and valid. MPO obtains an approximative margin of error of 1 point on a scale of 0 to 10, a certain variation is tolerated and the smaller the margin of error is, the bigger the tool’s reliability is. What’s more, MPO is normalized (in other words, lessens the margin of error) and analyzed by computer via the website. Our training touches on four result outputs, MPO Personality, Talent, Communication and Indicators of cognitive aptitudes and on the peripheral applications, allowing the precision of requisites for jobs and their concordance with the results of candidates and employees in the context of recruitment, professional development and coaching.

How do we properly interpret the MPO graphs?

Our formations allow the transfer of various types of knowledge and expertise in the field of readings of MPO results. From the 4th session of our formation, the participants possess the necessary knowledge to read and analyze graphs found in the MPO Personality section of the manual. What’s more, the formation allows participants to give feedback and enunciate fundamental elements of coaching in terms of vigilance points and/or adjustments to better perform and thereby creating better well-being at work.

Is it the Créacor Group that certifies clients to the MPO approach?

Yes. The CRÉACOR Group, the partner who proposes the integration of the MPO management program, is the same which is able to form analysts with our clients and consultants. To become partners requires a practice with MPO as a consultant and also to follow a multi-step process which is concluded after a confirmation from Créacor and the partner’s ability to form and support the analysts.

What is the difference between the 7 MPO factors and the “Big Five”?

All the personality tests as well as personality inventories must refer to the “Big Five”, in other words openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism which are translated in MPO as originality of thought, emotional spontaneity, assertiveness, extraversion and structure. The MPO solution is thus not an exception to this rule. However, the MPO solution offers two more factors of analysis, the person’s rhythm and their adaptability for more in-depth results.

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