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Managing Performance in Organizations

Specialized training

Duration of the training

3 days as follows:

MPO Personality: presented over 2 days – in class or 4 half days presented virtually with animation
MPO Talent: presented during a half day – in class or virtually with animation
MPO Communication: presented during a half day – in class or virtually with animation.

Target clients

  • Small to large companies;
  • Companies that care about the proper management of their human capital;
  • Managers and Human Resources Specialists;
  • First level, middle, and senior management.

Overall objectives

MPO Personality Workshop

To better understand and optimize the human organization, i.e., the individual/function relationship, to improve efficiency, productivity, motivation, and job satisfaction. In addition, the workshop will cover talent management in relation to the relevant use of the information provided by the organizational survey and the MPO job analysis, regarding the potential of individuals and the work environment that best suits them. The objective is to encourage the realization of their full potential, and even to develop it, in order to ensure job retention.

Management workshop, MPO Talent

This half-day workshop is open to both talent acquisition and organizational development specialists, as well as corporate decision-makers. The main objective is to equip managers to better understand and motivate each member of their team, thus maximizing job satisfaction and retention of human capital within the organization.

During this training, we will discuss talent management in relation to the competencies required for a position in order to build a development plan that promotes employees’ evolution within the company and thus ensure their retention.

Management workshop, MPO Communication

This half-day workshop, for human resources managers and specialists as well as middle and senior management, is intended to equip them with the necessary tools to coach an individual or a work team experiencing integration or operational difficulties.