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Ecology, a word that hasn’t been used as much for the past two years, but that still has significance…

The branch of biology that deals with the relations of organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings,

Oxford Dictionary

An MPO collaborator from France has done a conference presentation precisely about this synergy usually associated to nature with our existences in organization.

So the person, the individual, the human being is the quintessence to the existence and life of organizations and companies and this, no matter the nature of the services and products. As she said, we are the living part of the organization. Everything else, vital as it may be, the production chain, the technological instrumentalizations are nothing but the fruit of human invention.

This pertinent reference thus proposes to grasp the full extent of a concept of ecosystem between the humans, the workers, the managers between themselves and the methods of production fit to respond to the needs of the applicants.

The ecological activists, the scientists preoccupied by the protection of nature and quality of life as a whole invite us to be inspired by their reflections to transpose into our organizations this soundness and this diversity of contributors. The ravages of COVID on mental health as a whole still have tangible effects at the end of this pandemic.

It would therefore be wise to take advantage of these circumstancial social imbalances to militate in favor of a better ecological balance in our units of services and production to better treat the individual in their contemporary expression.

The lacking personnel in our businesses could become an endangered species, so let us imagine the impromptu departures of the surviving employees of the production force who are thinking about quitting their work entities.

It is thus imperative to pursue the multiple avenues offering themselves to us company owners, managers and consultants to start listening to suggestions and requests of the personnel in order to stop this pollution of human distress.

We must dare to think in other ways, dare to develop this militancy of ecological management to mobilize the employees to fully assume their role as contributor and for the decision-makers to redouble their efforts to find avant-garde solutions to save the business’s vitality.

Saving the planet without saving the health of our organizations is a cause to null result, the support of our ecosystems is intimately linked to new paradigms on the labor market, and this, as much from the managers as the employees who are the DNA of our organizations.

Daniel Huot!