Of course, the main goal for using psychometrics tools is to hire staff. The right person at the right place is the motto. By regularly reviewing the profile of our newcomer, we can see and increase the employee loyalty.

We are referring here to the relevance of offering an update on the perception of employees already in place for a number of years, in order to validate their state of motivation and well-being at work. As such, the specific application of the MPO survey is extremely practical for… probing the employee’s reading in regard of his mandate, his role.

Imagine a profile, who originally had been hired for his particularities as a specialist; perfectionist, precise, needs a clear framework, etc. and, who seems to perceive his job as quite the opposite; very generalist with poorly lit areas a lot of risk and therefore little supervision.

Under these conditions, we should not be surprised by a decrease of motivation of our new employee, or even a possible defection if a talent hunter were to offer him a new role that frankly better meets his motivational needs, identified during your hiring.