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With climate changes come temperature jolts, but it’s mostly unpredictability that confuses meteorologists. As a result, predictions do not always end up being correct.

Without contesting the science of meteorology, I often allow myself to joke with my clients by telling them that the MPO personality inventory is more reliable than weather forecasts. Indeed, it’s certainly one of the characteristics of the results of the MPO approach that is to shine from its reliability and validity.

But what is the MPO solution? The solution of talent management Management et Performance Organisationnelle is a personality quiz which aims to better know your employees to ensure their well-being in your organization. The Créacor Group offers this revolutionary solution with the goal of giving tools and tips to businesses who wish to attain full autonomy in the field of human resources to maximize their productivity and reach their business goals.

Whenever we deliver and share the results of our inventory, the reactions are unanimous! The prospects seeking rigor are blown away, impressed and taken aback by the level of detail and precision of the conveyed descriptions.

The profiles extracted from the MPO solution can be divided in three main categories: Personality, Talent and Communication. They are constructed from the extraction of a great quantity of psychometric data which lets you quickly understand the personality and needs of employees within your business.

The application MPO Personality unveils the personality traits and motivational needs of your employees, as well as their compatibility for a specific job or team. As to the application MPO Talents, it identifies the behavioral strengths and competences to better understand and maximize the full potential of your employees within your organization. Finally, the application MPO Communication identifies the communication style of employees with the goal of improving dialogue and prevent confrontational situations in your teams.

What’s more, the results are obtained with a single quiz which takes less than 20 minutes to complete!

It’s through the transmission of knowledge and the development of competences involving the comprehension of human behaviors that the Créacor Group offers to businesses the opportunity to optimize the operational and human performance of their teams. Our approach, notably in the field of scouting, will guarantee to your business a quality of hiring and coaching prescriptions ensuring a solid loyalty from its new employees. An investment that pays off big, without a doubt!

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