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Social, economic, political and sanitary perturbations have always caused all kinds of emotional tsunamis.

Please, let us not fall into collective amnesia and social denial. The current European crisis with the Ukraine invasion and the energy stakes are nothing but yet another expression of human folly which repeats itself after many centuries.

The worldwide inflation and its economic jolts are not here to help us sleep better in the end of the year 2022. However, to these timeless woes, Spanish flu, Typhus, Black Plague and the Great Depression, devastation caused by global conflicts, there is an antidote just as timeless and very powerful:


As my sister tirelessly repeats to me, hope is life. It is a powerful therapy which has always helped war prisoners, populations cornered by famine, tortured political detainees to draw the strength needed to hang onto the present and desperately fight to visualize a…liberating future.

Let us never lose the hope to do better, to better achieve our professional and personal lives.

Recently, it was in a spark of immense courage, which gives hope to change things for the better, that Iranian women had the strength to defy authorities and burn their veils to avenge their dead sister. In Europe, the Ukrainian troops, rather than stuff themselves with drugs like the ones distributed to German soldiers—“pervitine and Benzedrine” called combat drugs—inject themselves mentally and multiply their fighting spirit by the best of all drugs…hope!

Hope is life, we must always repeat it to fight anxiety!

Never give up, as said Churchill!