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That is… the other question!

It is a frequent occurrence for us to notice how civilian groups or illustrious leaders go one way or another!

I am currently speaking of a positive leadership based on the will to produce a social phenomenon said to be progressive and constructive or a clearly negative leadership based on destruction and backtracking in terms of humanitarian progress.

You might tell me that everything depends on a social point of view, on political adhesion and on ideological rhetoric, yes, of course!

But I am precisely of the point of view that claims that the 30s’ National Socialism was based on false premises to justify racist theses and a barbaric and invasive social action!

And I am of the point of view that the current resistance of Iranian women and men demanding the free wear of veils is on the side of democratic claims which consist on whether or not to choose the application of a lifestyle.

This is how, as years go by, certain societies will have voted laws banning the lashing of people having a lifestyle said to be homosexual!

I am thus coming back to the concept of either making up your mind to lead a movement or losing your mind in terms of decisions with abusive, discriminatory or downright iniquitous connotations.

Our mini-societies are the organizations where this kind of movement can be displayed; abusive dismissals, application of methods, two weights, two measures and untimely organizational decisions bringing the decline of said organization.

On the flipside, we are also witnessing the fine and enlightened expression of leaders who take charge of trends with a multi-profitable trait in the interest of employees.

The introversion and ability to know when to plead guilty should bring us all to ask ourselves these questions as decision-makers: are our actions and our modus operandi making us into leaders who lose their minds or make up their minds in order to lead causes with shared benefits?