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Do you feel that applying a target profile to your recruits is a choice, an optional step?
You might even ask yourself, “Why not? ”
Take a moment to contemplate what is the target personality profile used for when using psychometrics, especially when hiring?
Building a target personality profile, especially if it is done in close collaboration with the decision-makers, prompts a good session ensuring that everyone is evaluating in the same way and that there is a consensus on the requirements of the position.
Is this a position that requires a keen sense of originality? Is it a position that will require great spontaneity, a warm attitude, or a high level of control over emotions? Is the job we need to fill a generalist or a specialist position?
Human nature being such, it is quite possible that the exceptionally original managers of your company will tend to want to create a position with a high degree of originality. The same tendency goes for managers who are more practical and down-to-earth.
With MPO, the best practice is to define your job profile in a very objective and neutral way, so that when the time comes to compare your candidates to your target profile, you will have a more accurate and non-judgmental reading.
So, yes, it is strongly recommended to proceed with the “custom” production of a target profile (personality). During the hiring process, you will be able to determine if a candidate will really be motivated, and therefore if they will adequately meet your needs and expectations.
In conclusion, let’s also understand that these target profiles, thanks to the narrative report, will be particularly helpful. Firstly, to reveal what you are looking for precisely, and secondly, they will prove to be very important in supporting you during your interviews with candidates!

Daniel Huot, President