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When business is good, the bright news is that the organization, your company, must extend its offer and therefore find the staff to ensure the delivery of services and products.

Finding the funds to invest in production tools, in research and development is also a considerable undertaking, but in the end, you feel like you have some control over these new challenges.

Now, when the time comes to hire management, professionals, or specialized workers, that’s when you can fear the worst: not finding, or not finding the right person who will be motivated and therefore inherently more profitable for the company.

That’s why there are talent acquisition experts who can find the right people to fill your needs. There are also expert resources in psychometrics that will increase your effectiveness in putting the right person in the right position.

So, if you are asked to invest a few thousand dollars to acquire a management program like MPO (Management and Organizational Performance), rest assured that this investment should increase your investment tenfold.

You will reduce the probability of hiring someone who will leave after six months of onboarding activities, taking with them their knowledge of the files, their efforts to develop a good working relationship with their new boss and colleagues, and the time it takes to get to know your company’s clients.

In short, these unfortunate premature departures after six months of integration cost almost a year and a half of the annual salary of an employee already in place…

Do the math.


Daniel Huot, President