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Recently, I was speaking with a client who embraced life at its fullest, one of those leaders who learned to fight as much as love life in every possible way. We were sharing our points of view about unavoidable things when it comes to managing and organizing work.

We understood each other very well on the relevance of the…union between goodwill and performance.

Yes, you read that correctly, organizational performance and human goodwill as an organizational culture.

Goodwill, toward women and men as contributors, gives an untouchable foundation when it comes to human respect. Performance must allow the implementation of the raison d’être of all organizations and consequently the achievement of business objectives, without which we’re going straight toward efficiency troubles or even bankruptcy.

I am pleased to share with you, dear readers, this symbiosis which, in the end, is profitable for contractors as much as employees. Without this goodwill, the rate of dissatisfaction skyrockets and expensive departures sabotage the achievement of performance goals. If organizational performance is going haywire, not only will the business owners be disappointed, but so will the community of workers that erodes and is itself struggling with huge financial and personal issues.

And you, what do you think of this unusual union?

Translation by Isabelle Gareau