A simple message in my voice mail,

“Hello Daniel, it’s been a while since we spoke, do you have a moment to catch up!”

Life and its numerous surprises, a good…old acquaintance I’ve met over 20 years ago, speaking to me about his reflections he’s had for some time and that push him to question himself.

We speak with great pleasure, a common ground, we feel like we’ve only been apart for a month. I listen, of course, and ask questions, the right thing to do, some would say. The topics are clear, the words sound frank, just as it was before, however the uncertainty and doubt are, on their end, well on point?

My interlocutor of a very loyal nature feels cheated, neglected, even abandoned by his employers.

We say doubt is the beginning of wisdom, but doubt is also destabilizing, it feeds within us that discomfort which gives us remorse, anxiety, daytime nightmares.

Am I the one who’s lost that doubt, am I the one who aged wrong, am I the one not knowing where I’m going?

I suggest to my interlocutor to reconnect with our approach, we’ll see if there is still an approximation between his motivational needs and his perception of what he is given as challenges.

What I guessed turned out to be true, bam, the answer is no, there are no more challenges in his work, there is a major power outage and thus energy to make the human system work, and this as soon as Monday starts off.

Yes, in these circumstances, the week, the weeks are very long and annoying, and as the other said, the heart is no longer there.

All this, my interlocutor had it in mind in some small dark corner, but the little MPO help simply shone the light that was needed. A beam of methodological light precise enough to give a good oomph, no, I am not insane and have not become a larva at work.

My interlocutor and I still had many hours of discussion to get back on track, but for his employer, unfortunately, it’s too late to keep this contributor of great magnitude.

The decision is irrevocable, another land of welcome will open itself to him, and only God knows how many fertile lands are waiting to put into their synergy such a sum of talents.

Dear employers,

Before it is too late, act with clairvoyance and diligence as to not waste so many talents!

Act and contact us, together we could make a different between profits and losses!