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Pace, this well-known personal rhythm, is often a key factor of job-person adequation. Rhythm is however a theme that has taken a very personal tone for me this year. After all, it was this summer that a heart disease took me to the emergency room and intensive care. Long live modern medicine! 24 hours later, I had a Pacemaker installed, which let me go back to my normal rhythm… in every sense of the word!

This temporary stop and this break have fed my reflection on the importance of rhythm at work. That’s why today I encourage you to think about pace, not of your patients’ but of your employees’, or even of your own rhythm as a manager.

Behavioral rhythm is a fundamental characteristic of a person which can predict success just as well as failure when it comes to the adaptation of a candidate or employee to their job. It differs greatly from one individual to another and it is relatively easy to observe, but during job interviews, this personality trait is frankly harder to pin down. If certain jobs require a heightened sense of urgency, others will bet on a capacity to carry out operations step by step and with great patience, while others still will invite a middle weighting. There are thus positions tailored to “monophasic” people, while other mandates or environments will rather be suited to “polyphasic” or “polychronic” people.

Being strategic is thus a must to avoid future traps! Indeed, what manager has never had to deal with the sense of urgency of a passionate and quick contributor, but sometimes frustrated with the sluggishness they notice in the advancement of their projects? Or with a talent completely submerged by the rhythm of their task, to the point of perceiving it as frenetic and exhausting? Once more, the saying “the right person at the right place” invites us to consider the rhythm of the candidate in regards to what will await them in the coming months… or even the coming years!

In short, the MPO solution offers you a range of tools allowing you to measure 7 factors, including the essential Big Five, but most of all the factors of Weighting as well as Adaptability, to favor the most optimal job-person adequation! MPO will also validate your innate ease when it comes to rhythm, but also allow you to quickly pinpoint the needs of your candidates concerning their sense of urgency!

And you, what is your Pace?

Daniel Huot