In the book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, author Robert T. Kiyosaki revels in unusual early life stories about the teachings of his two fathers and his stunning professional growth.

This book was recommended to me by one of my business partners and I must confess that I integrated a host of thoughts and brilliant suggestions about the financial world.

We are talking, of course, about the ROIC, the return on the capital invested. This invites me to share this concept of ROIC based on the business solutions that represent the MPO management performance in organizations.

It is not uncommon to hear comments of non-profitability about the costs associated with various psychometric services and products. It is common to be told that in the market certain providers offer support at different rates.

Of course, there is always a service option in the psychometric market that is less expensive than the others. I ask them to question the quality of these services and products, are they scientifically reliable? Do they add value in business operations? Can they calculate the return on their investment?

This return on invested capital makes all the difference between average results, or even very low results, and financial stakes that save hundreds of thousands of dollars. Why do you think a decision maker is willing to hire a senior executive who charges 20% more than his competitor?

To ensure that you have a real contributor to financial success. The explanation is simple, you might say, but remains as profitable to the company as ever. The return on capital of 20% invested on employee with real con becomes exponential!

To your calculators, dear readers, if you simply lower your turnover rate by 3-4%, how many thousands of dollars can you effectively reinvest in other areas of your business?

So, your next question shouldn’t be, is the MPO, management performance in organizations expensive, but how much will I get?

Our customers could answer this legitimate question!

Daniel Huot, President – Creacor Group