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Organizations are made up of individuals with very distinct characters. These differences create a sense of complementarity but can also bring about discomfort due to the different needs and values represented in work groups.

It is important to understand the essence of these differences, to appreciate how they can contribute to producing strong synergies to achieve objectives, but also to recognize how mismanaging these differences can also be counterproductive for both individuals and teams.

The MPO feedback session is a great way to share what makes us different from others, what exemplifies our own connection to an environment and our motivational drive, and can serve as a means to enhance the quality of our contributions within a team.

The major distinguishing factor that sets the MPO approach apart from other psychometric providers is the emphasis we put on conducting such feedback sessions based on MPO charts.

we also have narrative reports that serve as reminders and significant sources of information to deliver the content of our approaches.

However, it is common knowledge in our practice that this professional staple that drives the coaching method is a crucial step. Now, why is that?

These privileged moments between MPO Analysts/Coaches and employees (managers or workers, etc.) test the relevance of the information identified by the MPO questionnaire.

Employees who have undergone the MPO exercise must receive the results of the approach in order to benefit from this source of understanding both for their personal identity as well as their wellbeing when it comes to their professional endeavours.

MPO Analysts/Coaches, never miss the opportunity to draw upon your own approach and expertise to accompany people after they have taken the time to commit to our approach.