CRÉACOR Group’s Management Team

Daniel Huot and Nicole Paré became the new owners of this consulting firm in January 2021. Both have many years of experience in using the management programs distributed by the CRÉACOR Group.

Our Coordinator Véronique Girard is at the heart of the operations to support our clientele by diligently responding to their multiple logistical and functional requests.

CRÉACOR Group | Our Team | Daniel Huot

Daniel Huot

President of CRÉACOR Group

A partner at Créacor since 1996, he has accompanied public and private sector organizations in the integration of the MPO (Managing Performance in Organizations) Program.

During these years, he has developed great expertise in the implementation of psychometric evaluation solutions in organizations, allowing them to improve their people performance. His background as an entrepreneur, trainer, coach, and speaker has made him an undeniable asset for all his clients for many years.

CRÉACOR Group | Our Team | Véronique Girard

Véronique Girard

Coordinator of Customer Experience and Operations of CRÉACOR Group

My mission at Créacor as Customer Experience and Operations Coordinator is to be the contact person for our customers and my team. Above all, I want to provide the service that I would want to receive!

CRÉACOR Group | Our Team | Nicole Paré

Nicole Paré

Executive Vice President
of CRÉACOR Group

Her training in psychometrics by Créacor in 1995 allowed her to improve her role as a manager, developing a thorough understanding of relational, human, and organizational issues, and to be a contributor to the success of the companies where she has worked.

As a partner of Créacor since 2017, she has refined her expertise in implementing the MPO Program in organizations to improve their people productivity and facilitate their organizational evolution. As a leading contributor in people productivity, she excels in rallying the troops to obtain the desired results.

The partners at

The CRÉACOR Group is made up of 10 partners who are seasoned in their specific field and with Créacor’s products and services. Whether it is organizational development, sales, coaching, strategic planning, organizational diagnostics, or team building. The complete list would be too long to include here but rest assured that you will find business solutions that perfectly meet your specific needs and expectations.

Moreover, each partner has, under their leadership, carefully recruited accredited consultants. In fact, we have more than sixty people in our organization who serve as the sounding board for the MPO program for their respective clients.

Groupe CRÉACOR | Nos Partenaires | Serge Tremblay

Serge Tremblay

In collaboration with Créacor since 1995

Services & Development Consulting / Management – Human Resources

CRÉACOR Group | Our Partners | Jean-Marc Pépin

Jean-Marc Pépin, MBA

In collaboration with Créacor since 2004

JM PÉPIN Services Conseils Inc.

Groupe CRÉACOR | Nos Partenaires | Simon Dubreuil

Simon Dubreuil

In collaboration with Créacor since 2013


Groupe CRÉACOR | Nos Partenaires | Guy Dalphond

Guy Dalphond

In collaboration with Créacor since 2014

Guy Dalphond Services Conseils

Groupe CRÉACOR | Nos Partenaires | Pierre-Stephan Lafrance

Pierre-Stephan Lafrance

In collaboration with Créacor since 2014


Groupe CRÉACOR | Nos Partenaires | Robert Molino

Robert Molino

In collaboration with Créacor since 2015


CRÉACOR Group | Our Partners | Alexandre Vézina

Alexandre Vézina

In collaboration with Créacor since 2015

Entrepreneur / Advisor and Author

Groupe CRÉACOR | Nos Partenaires | Patricia Dubé

Patricia Dubé

In collaboration with Créacor since 2016

Leadership Santé

Groupe CRÉACOR | Nos Partenaires | Amélie L'Heureux

Amélie L’Heureux

In collaboration with Créacor since 2019

Okuli Leadership Inspirant inc.

Groupe CRÉACOR | Nos Partenaires | Nancy Marcoux

Nancy Marcoux

In collaboration with Créacor since 2019

Okuli Leadership Inspirant inc.